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Memo Has Torn Tendon

Mehmet Okur who was injured with eight minutes left to play in the second period of the Utah Jazz first play-off game against the Denver Nuggets had his MRI taken this morning. The MRI has shown that there is a torn in the Achilles tendon, and that the star center will have to be operated on this week. Memo who was extremely disappointed when we spoke to him, said that everything will be clearer after the operation, but he is down that he will not be able to be with his teammates for the remaining play-off games.

Memo, "Well the good news I guess is that there was no rupture, but there is a significant torn there. So it is not all good news. They told me that I will have my foot in a cast for a month after the operation then I will wear a special boot for another month. I guess I will be operated on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday. How things change so quickly. If someone asked me 10 days ago what do you think. I would have said at least a Western Conference final. But now I just wish my teammates the best. ".

Memo added that many people have called from Turkey, and that he really appreciated their well wishes but added that "Honestly I'm not answering many calls right now. Some friends and well wishers called our home as well. I am very disappointed for my team and the fans. For two years now the season has ended with injuries for me, and I don't think that this is something I deserve. We worked hard, we sacrificied and to have my season end like this its not fair. I feel bad really bad right now. We proved this season that when we are healthy we can beat anybody. You can say that injuries are a part of the game, but I can't digest that right now. I believe that despite being down 1-0 my teammates will do everything they can to win and advance. I believe in them. This series is not otve yet. I believe our fans deserve to see their team in full strength when everything is on the line. This is the most disappointing thing.".

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