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Best Wishes For A Speedy Recovery

Utah Jazz center Mehmet Okur was opearted on by Dr. Charles L. Saltzman at the University of Utah Health Care and Ortopedic Center in an operation that lasted 90 minutes. Dr David S. Carter who will be responsible for the physiotherapy of Memo, also witnessed the operation as tosee the rupture up close and also to see how how it was repaired. Dr. Carter said this was an important part of applying the correct physiotherapy. Memo ledt the hospital 90 minutes after the operation been completed and returned home. He will be resting 2 days with his leg up for blood circulation as a tube was connected right behind his knee which has two days worth of anestesia to make sure the area of the operation can't be moved at all. Memo will be only allowed to get up with the help of crutches when absolutely needed.


The foot will then be placed in a special boot and will be rested for two weeks without applying any pressure on it. Three weeks after that he will be able start his physiotherapy with some bicycling and swimmimg. This first stage of physiotherapy will last two weeks.

The president of the Turkish Basketball Federation Mr. Turgay Demirel was the first caller to wish Memo a speedy and a healthy recovery and to give him words of encouragement. Jazz owner Greg Miller and wife Heide visited the Okur's at their home right after the operation and also wished for a sppedy recovery. We will have the official report from Memo's doctor later on on this website.

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