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Memo's Report Following Operation

Utah Jazz center Mehmet Okur's doctor in Turkey Prof. Dr. Mustafa Karahan made the following announcement after speaking in detail with Prof Dr Charles Saltzman who performed the operation ; "Mehmet Okur was operated on Tuesday 20th of April at the University of  Utah Ortopedic Center by the president of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS). Prof. Dr. Charles Saltzman. When I first found out that Memo had ruptured his Achilles tendon there was some talk of having his foot in a cast for four weeks.  After such a delicate operation we knew that aggressive rehabilitation  was the most accepted modern post surgery treatment to a healthy recovery, and we immediately established contact with Prof Dr. Ned Amendola at the University Of Iowa who is one of the mot prominent people in this field . Dr Amendola suggested that instead of having Memo travel to Iowa, the operation be performed by Dr Saltzman a very prominent expert in this field at nearby University of Utah.

Both Dr. Amendola and Dr. Saltzman were very kind and helpfull in all aspects until the actual starting time of the operation keeping me posted for which I thank them. The left Achilles tendon which was completely ruptured and was reconnected by 4 stitches and support was provided by the plantarias tendon which is a smaller tendon. Memo will start rehabilitation approximately 10 days after the operation and absolute movement should be established within 2-6 weeks later. From my conversation with Dr Saltzman I personally believe that Memo's return to actually playing a game status should be somewhere between 4-6 months depending on how things go.".

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