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Deron Throws A Halloween Party

Utah Jazz All-Star point guard Deron Williams has been throwing a Halloween Party ever since being drafted and this year was no different. It was a special Holloween for the Okur family, as it was the first one for their son Yigit. The Okur's with their daughter Melisa and son Yigit trick and treated the neighbourhood first, knocking on the doors of their neighbours with their daughter Melisa and son Yigit collecting candy and other goods. Then it was time to head to Deron's Halloween Party, where the Okur's dressed as Mr and Mrs Cowboy, although Yeliz looked so much like Pocahontas when she had her cowboy hat off, looked very normal when they saw some of the customs and all the trouble their friends had gone to. Here are some photos from the Halloween Party. Can you tell who is who?

 Yigit Okur's first Halloween

The Beautiful Witch Of The Northwest

Ready To Go Trick And Treating

Love Thy Neighbours And The Okur's Feel Very Lucky

Memo The Cowboy and Deron Williams

Memo and Francisco Elson

Francisco's girlfriend-Cindy Bell-Yeliz Okur

Raja Bell-Kyrylo Fesenko-Memo

Cindy Bell and Yeliz Okur

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